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TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlassHigh Strength
Through a wide variety of colours, textures, and special effects, using high-strength screen printing, you can achieve a unique, lasting effect, thus solving the problem of wear of paper labels. This is an ideal technique for printing of 1-6 colours, which can be combined with all other methods of glass decoration, thus leading to an extremely high quality. Printed glass packaging is baked at 600-620°C.




TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlass

Low Strength

Environmentally friendly UV-curing inks are free from solvents and hazardous heavy metals. They are well-known for the excellent brightness of their colours, the durability and the realistic images they can achieve, with a baking temperature of 180°C.




Printing of real gold and other precious metals attracting the attention of the recipient like a magnet. Gold, platinum, copper and pink gold are printed on the glass packaging and on glass or porcelain servingware with an indelible property, and they provide a glowing, valuable and attracting effect. The indicated temperatures for their baking are 620-630°C, which makes printing indelible.


TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlassSIMPLE COATING

Coating is used more and more, in order to satisfy the aesthetic requirements of modern packaging design. The glass packaging is painted with ecological varnishes, based on water. With an option of total painting of the packaging or of a part of it using the “windowing” technique, you have an unlimited variety of colours. Then, you can add textures and special effects, including, among others, “frosting”, flock finish, velour, iridescent and metallic colours.





Our innovative technology combines the noble nature of precious metals, like gold, platinum and copper, and many more colours, with the unique characteristics of paint. All precious paints are available, thus offering many different options for better aesthetic results.


TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlassDecal is used for designs including many details and complex features, or for surfaces where screen printing cannot be applied. They are special adhesives made of indelible inks and manually applied on the container.

The transfer method can be combined with screen printing and offer a corresponding indelible effect. .


TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlassHot stamping printing, also known as hot stamping, through the use of metal foils creates a bright, glowing, and relief metallic effect. Whether it is a discreet feature on the final design, or a larger part of the decoration, this technique adds elegance and high perceived value to the end product.


TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlassSatin finishing is a process, during which the glass container acquires an opaque, “frozen” appearance with a smooth texture. This particular technique is resistant and indelible, while it is possible to transform the entire surface of the packaging or a part of it into a matte finish, e.g. using the “windowing” technique.


TECHNIQUES, Berlin Packaging | StyleGlassThe latest acquisition of STYLEGLASS is the shrink sleeving equipment and know-how for placing a shrink sleeve on the packaging.

Using the special sleeving equipment and the shrink sleeving method, the sleeve is placed on the container, in order to cover its entire surface.

This method releases the imagination of both the designer and the customer from the strict limits of the label or printing on a flat or round surface and provides a larger area for more pieces of information and more impressive visual effect.

This is a solution that combines low cost with attractiveness and the possibility of unlimited creative approaches to the decoration of the entire surface of the container.