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Get informed about are latest news and products!

STYLEGLASS undertook the printing of the new MESSENICOLA MAGNUM of the WINERY MONSIEUR NICOLAS, of the Winemaker Mr. Giorgos Karamitros. The wine’s illustration, logo and trademark were printed with the method of transfer (decal), which is used for designs including many details and complex features, or for surfaces where screen printing cannot be applied.   The result is an impressive imprint of the highly detailed design of the medieval couple with the costumes of the era, which gives added value to the limited...

With the latest acquisition of STYLEGLASS, the SHRINK SLEEVING equipment, which combines freedom in creative imagination and lower production cost compared to the other methods of packaging design, the new range of marmalades of MAKEDONIKI brand was completed.   Plastic containers were used and, using the method of heat-shrink preprinted label embracing the entire packaging, the 6 different codes of the range were “dressed”....

The new range of bottles of water represented by STYLEGLASS is available in the HO.RE.CA. market.   The new codes with the modern form and the original design are: 1. “SENSO” 1000ml (left bottle) 2. “DONNA” 1000ml (middle bottle) 3. “ROCKET” 1000ml (right bottle)   STYLEGLASS undertakes to paint or print the bottles, with multiple options of style, depending on the artistic requirements of the customers.   We give you the opportunity to choose among the above bottles, along with their supply at highly competitive prices.    ...

Headquarters: +30 2310 799515 Branch: +30 210 8021787 Email: [email protected] HQ: Industrial Area Thessaloniki Branch: 2 Ivis Str, Marousi, Athends